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Welcome to Cold Harbour Farm
Bishop Burton

We are a 300 hectare family run farm on the Yorkshire Wolds. The Dunning family have farmed in the area since 1770 and at Cold Harbour since 1889.

In 1993 Cold Harbour became a LEAF demonstration farm with the aim of demonstrating that intensive agriculture is consistent with caring for the environment.


Crops for Food
We grow winter wheat, spring barley, vining peas and oilseed rape. The peas are grown under contract to Birds Eye in Hull and provide an excellent crop to grow in rotation because they add fix nitrogen on their roots which is then available as a nutrient for the following crop. Most of our wheat is grown for seed which means that we have to produce a quality product free from disease and weeds. We also grow grass to feed our growing Belgian Blue cross suckler beef herd.

For many years, we have managed Cold Harbour Farm with consideration for the environment. We have a long term programme of hedge planting and restoration and grass strips around field edges have been planted with native grasses and wild flowers. We have planted areas of woodland on the farm with ash, beech, mountain ash, oak and field maple. As part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme hedgerows have been improved and the network of conservation headlands extended . The farm is also part of the Birds Eye sustainability project.

Historic Interest
Two tumuli have been grassed down and preserved and there are other Neolithic sites of historic interest on the farm. A Roman road ran over part of the farm and Roman clay tiles have been found. The outlines of the original farm buildings can be seen in dry weather near to the farmhouse. They will date from the late 18th century when the land around Bishop Burton was enclosed and the centre of the farmhouse was built during this time.

We welcome visitors to Cold Harbour Farm so we can share with them how we are trying to balance a thriving business with positive environmental management, by following LEAF and IFM principles. Visits can take place throughout the year and are arranged through the LEAF Office.

Our overall policy is to farm efficiently and profitably in a way that is sympathetic to the environment and the neighbourhood.



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